GREAN, is the cleaning solution in times of extreme care to protect your family and your business leaving an environment free of bacteria.

It’s not only


But it also,

breathes freshness.

Commercial & Residential

At GREAN we are committed to your safety and the general public during this time of crisis of COVID-19.

Detailing our services

Our service includes cleaning all kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

We wipe down walls, clean baseboards, remove all cobwebs, vacuum and wipe down cabinets, vacuum rugs, clean all windows interior only, steam mop & sweep floors.

Everyone’s needs are different so please contact us and we can customize a service that best fits your needs.

Basic Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Basic Cleaning is clean bathrooms, kitchen, all the superficies, floors, vacuum carpets.

Deep Cleaning is Basic Cleaning plus a detailed job as knobs doors, clean dirty wall, baseboards, lamps, in other words is a meticulous job.