Well, you should do it and think about it: you have your head on it for about 7 hours a day … It is not enough to wash the case. You must do a deeper cleaning.

Today, many pillows can be put in the washing machine. And if you have to renew it, go for a hypoallergenic.

Synthetic or down?
Feather or down duvets can be washed in a delicate cycle and accompanied by 3 or 4 tennis balls.

These help the feathers not stay scattered. Keep in mind that for a double bed quilt you will need
a washing machine with more than 8 kg of capacity.

To dry it, the most recommended is the dryer. If you do not have, place the quilt horizontally, so that the filling does not
go sideways, and move it from time to time while it is drying. Synthetic duvets wash them in a short cycle and at low revs.

Latex or memory foam
Hand wash your latex pillows. Do not immerse them too much or rub them and dry horizontally and in the shade. The memory foam is not recommended to wash.